Squirrels, Mice and Rats


Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows

General Pests

Crawling Pests Such As Spiders

Flying Pests

Gnats, Flies and Mosquitoes

Areas of your home that are potential entry points for Pests

  • Attic holes, vents, gable vents
  • Roof overhangs, corners, plumbing vents
  • Gaps between exterior walls and fascia, flashing
  • Appliance Vents, construction faults
  • Foundation venting, pipe holes, vendor holes
  • Garage framing and door entry ways

Ways to assist with Control measures

  1. Clear debris or belongs including firewood, sports equipment, leaves etc from the immediate area around your home.

  2. Weatherproof doors and windows, fill small holes and cracks.

  3. Limited light usage at nights or consider switching to non-attractant lights (yellow).

  4. Limit/thin vegetation that is immediately against your home

  5. Keep ground cover and grass well back from the foundation of your structure.

Deterrent Options

Pigeon Control Options

  • Net off areas
  • Bird spikes on landing surfaces
  • Birth Control in roosting area
  • Visual Deterrents in landing areas
  • Electric shock tracks/coils
  • Taste, audio and visual deterrents


Insulation Service

  • Remove existing insulation and debris
  • Seal exposed holes
  • Sanitize the infested areas
  • Re-insulate using R-30 attic Batts

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