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Keeping your home or business rat-free with expert rodent control and management

While a pet rat in a cage is fine for some, most residents in Ventura County don’t want to find a rat running across their living room or commercial kitchen. Not only can these rodents be destructive, but they also spread germs that can make you, your family, or your customers sick. 

Looking for rat control in Ventura County? The good news is the team of experts at Insight Pest Management uses state-of-the-art technology and specialized rodent training to identify rat infestations, remove the rats, and create a management program that helps ensure your property stays rat-free.

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Why choose us for Ventura County rat control

With over 20 years of commercial and residential pest control and management experience, our team of experts understands that rodents, such as rats, are more than just a single property issue, but often a neighborhood issue. 

Thanks to specialized training through the West Coast Rodent Academy, our experts understand rat behavior and work with behavior modification to keep rats away from your property, despite their crafty nature.

We offer a wide array of rodent control programs that include trapping and deterrents without the use of chemicals.

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What to expect

In order to eradicate rats from your property and prevent their return, our expert technicians go through a 5-step process that addresses infestations, indoor removal, and outside action. But what does that really mean?

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect with rat and rodent management.


Technicians will do a thorough inspection of your home, identifying rat activity, active and potential areas of entry, and rat identification.

Documentation & repair

During the inspection, our experts look for potential structural damage, such as soiled insulation or damaged wiring, often caused by rats. All damage is documented, and our technicians will recommend repair through our pest repair services.


Once the infestation is identified, our team creates a treatment protocol for rat extermination. Treatment options will be discussed with you, as well as when you can expect to see results.


Treatment for rats begins with sealing all interior entry locations and a 3-week “trap-out” program with regular visits from our experts to remove and dispose of all rats.


Once the rats are removed from inside the property, our experts will discuss prevention methods and treatment options, such as rodent control stations, to prevent rats from returning.

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Rat infestations pose significant health risks

Have you seen rats within your home or business? Have you discovered and cleaned up rat feces? While seeing these rodents and traces of their presence is unsettling enough, the fact is their presence in your home or business can actually contribute to health complications. 

Throughout history, rats have played a role in many major medical events, such as the Black Plague. These days, the presence of rats in your location can contribute to an increase in allergic reactions due to their dander and feces, but they can also spread Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever, and Salmonellosis. 

Addressing a rat problem immediately after seeing your first rat is essential for your health and the team at Insight Pest Management is ready to help. Better yet, let our team come out and put preventative measures in place so you don’t have to worry about rats in the first place.

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Provide a safe environment for your family and customers

Rat remediation by our experts helps to ensure your family or your business is safe from the dangers a rat infestation can cause. 

Once the rats are removed and entry points are secure, the team of experts helps to ensure that the damage done by rats is removed as well. 

This includes the professional removal and replacement of insulation within the property that is contaminated by feces and nesting material. This is done with a specialized mounted vacuum that collects dropping and insulation material without spreading germs throughout your home or property. 

The area is then sanitized and deodorized before new R-30/38 Rolled Batten insulation is replaced.

Our guarantee

While rodent control and management require customer participation when it comes to vegetation control and property management, our team stands behind our rodent and pest management with a 30-day guarantee.

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You don’t have to share your home or commercial business space with rats and the team of experts at Insight Pest Management can help to ensure your property is rat-free. Call our team of experts today for a free evaluation and let us help provide the peace of mind you need when it comes to pest management and control.

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Frequently asked questions

The recent passing of the California Ecosystems Protection Act bans the use of second-generation anticoagulants traditionally used for baiting and killing rodents such as rats.

Now, eliminating rats from your home becomes a time-consuming and multiple-step process that includes trapping and removing rats, identifying and sealing potential entry points, addressing your outdoor property to include rat deterrents, and adding rat trapping stations.

Unfortunately, rats are often not just an individual property problem, but a neighborhood problem, so the treatment options must address every possible attraction.

While a nice comfy shelter may attract some rats, the most common thing that makes your home attractive to rats is food. They are not picky eaters and will eat anything.

Things like pet food, open garbage cans, barbeque grills, bird feeders, and fallen fruit from trees are enough to bring them onto your property and then they just follow the smell of food into your home.

When there are no longer signs of a rat infestation, such as new signs of droppings, you can feel secure that the rats are no longer in your home.

In order to make sure they stay away, you will need to continue with your outdoor rat management program, especially if there is a history of rats in your neighborhood.

Rat removal and management can take at least three weeks, with longer periods necessary in the case of severe rat infestation.
We offer 5-star Ventura County rat control services