Cockroach Control

Keeping you safe from the germs spread by cockroaches

When you see one cockroach, you can be sure there are many more you can’t see.

Looking for cockroach control in Ventura County? At Insight Pest Management in Ventura County, our experts understand cockroach behavior, and, with the use of state-of-the-art technology, they are armed to eradicate cockroaches from your home or business and keep you safe from the germs these insects can spread.

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Why choose us for Ventura County cockroach control

With over 20 years of commercial and residential pest control and management, our team of expert technicians focuses on not only pest extermination but also pest prevention. 

We understand that every property is different, and a potential cockroach infestation is unique to the property.

Our experienced team of experts, along with state-of-the-art technology, inspects every property for signs of infestation, identifies potential areas of entry, and offers a unique treatment and prevention plan just for you.

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What to expect

Our cockroach control and management programs are tailored to your residential or commercial concerns.

With our services, you can expect:


Our experts conduct a thorough inspection, identifying the type of cockroach infestation, checking all areas where cockroaches may congregate, and identifying areas where these pests are entering your home.


We will determine a customized treatment plan and go over all the necessary applications, how we will target your infestation, and when you can expect results. Treatment Application – Our technicians will apply our safe and effective treatment options to your home, ensuring that all areas are targeted, and the pests are eliminated.


Our technicians will apply our safe and effective treatment options to your home, ensuring that all areas are targeted, and the pests are eliminated.


Once we eradicate the cockroaches from your property, we will discuss preventative measures and preventative treatment options that will help ensure that the cockroaches never return.

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Cockroaches pose a significant risk to health

Have you experienced an unexplained illness or just don’t feel quite like yourself? Have you noticed your allergies seem worse than normal?

Cockroaches can pose a serious risk to your health. They have been known to carry more than 30 different kinds of bacteria and can often trigger allergies in many people.

Addressing a cockroach infestation immediately after seeing your first cockroach is essential for your health and our experts are here to help. Better yet, let our team come out and provide preventative treatment before cockroaches even find their way in!

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Keep your family or customers safe from cockroaches

You shouldn’t be risking your health with the presence of cockroaches in your home or business. Our experts take cockroach extermination and prevention seriously.

We will find all their hiding places and eradicate them from your home before working with you to create a prevention plan that keeps them from returning.

Because every home or commercial property is different, our individualized treatment plans create unique solutions for both cockroach extermination and prevention, keeping your home free from the germs they spread.

Our guarantee

With our services, you have guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to cockroach removal and prevention. Our team of experts strives to make sure your home is cockroach-free and safe from re-infestation.

We offer a 30-day guarantee when it comes to the interior of your residential or commercial property and will return within that period if you see additional cockroaches.

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You don’t have to share your space with cockroaches and all the potential germs they spread. Contact Insight Pest Management today for your free evaluation and let our expert technicians rid your property of cockroaches and other pests once and for all.

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Frequently asked questions

Cockroaches can multiply quickly and pose a threat not only to your comfort but to your health. Initial control begins with identifying possible hiding spots, such as crevices throughout the home and behind appliances.

Once identified, you will need to use glue traps to track and monitor their movement. Gel bait stations can then be used as an effective roach killer. In addition, you will need to identify entry points and make sure these areas are sealed off with caulk or another sealant.

While you can do this on your own, choosing the experts at Insight Pest Management can give you the peace of mind that the roaches are gone, and they will not return.

Cockroaches like warm, humid conditions near their food and water source.

Unlike other animals or insects, a cockroach nest does not resemble a nest at all, but rather a big meeting place for lots of hiding roaches and eggs.

Cockroaches are able to squeeze through the smallest of crevices, so the nest could be between cracks in the floorboards or underneath loose wallpaper. And they make it hard to find so when you see one cockroach, chances are their nest will be large. So, when you do find a cockroach nest, be prepared for an immediate scatter of lots of cockroaches.

While you may choose to investigate yourself, our team is experts at locating cockroaches, and nothing surprises them anymore.

Cockroaches come into your home searching for food and water.

Unfortunately, while you are just now seeing cockroaches all of the sudden, the truth is they have probably been sharing your space for some time and you were just lucky enough to see them now.

Unlike many other insects with short lifespans, the American cockroach can live up to 1-2 years.

In fact, an American cockroach doesn’t even reach maturity until around 600 days old. German and Oriental cockroaches typically live less than 200 days.

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