Ant Control

Put a stop to the trail of ants once and for all

Ants can quickly become a nuisance for both residents and business owners.

Looking for ant control in Ventura County? The good news is the team of experts at Insight Pest Management specializes in locating nesting sites, identifying the type of ants in your home, and working to eliminate the entire colony, leaving your home or business ant-free in no time.

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Why choose us for Ventura County ant control

Our team of experts brings over 20 years of residential and commercial pest control and management experience.

We have a deep understanding of the pests that are common to our area, including the many different types of ants that may be invading your home. 

With the assistance of state-of-the-art technology and a variety of different baits, dusting powders, liquid treatments, and other treatment options, we can eliminate ants and help prevent reoccurring ant infestations.

Spraying For Bugs Around Home Exterior

What to expect

Ants come into your home searching for moisture and food sources.

However, the source of food they are looking for depends on the type of ants you may have.

For example, house ants are on the hunt for sugar while carpenter ants look for moist cellulose (wood or paper).

When you call our team, you can expect:


Our inspectors conduct a thorough inspection of your home and property, working to identify the types of ants that are present and locate areas where they are entering your home.


Here the technician establishes a treatment protocol, going over what materials are necessary, how they will be applied, and when to expect results.


Once determined, the technician will treat your home or business with the discussed applications, beginning any elimination process.


Once the ants are controlled, our technician will discuss preventative measures and treatment options in order to help ensure that the ants do not return.

Types of Ants In Ventura County

There are many other types of ants you can find in our area and treatment plans depend on identification.
Common ants in Ventura County include:

Argentine Ants

These ants live in large colonies outside but will march in a large trail indoors to potential food sources, such as pet food bowls.

Pavement Ants

These ants often reside under floors or in the walls but will come out for food. These ants can bite if you get in their way.

Pharoah Ants

These are small yellow ants that can build nests throughout your home or business, but are often found in walls, behind baseboards, and in refrigerator insulation.

Thief Ants

These tiny ants follow the sugar trail and are often found in cupboards or pet food bowls and containers.

Ants Marching On Ground

The never-ending march of ants

Seeing ants outside is commonplace and, in most cases, something that we all learn to live with. However, once you start to see a trail of ants heading into your home, or, worse yet, marching across your kitchen counter, the time for help has arrived! 

While ant sprays from the store can help kill the ants on contact, they may not make it back to the colony and you are likely to experience the same problem a few weeks down the road. Our team of ant experts can make a difference and leave you ant-free.

Spraying For Ants Exterior Of Home

We send the ants packing

Our expert technicians will come in and thoroughly inspect your home or business, as well as the surrounding property and identify all the possible ant colonies that are present. They will locate and seal potential entry points before treating your property with a variety of baits, powders, and sprays that are all EPA-approved and regulated to minimize the risks to family, customers, or pets.

Once the treatment is applied, you can expect to see an immediate reduction in ant activity inside the home and our experts will also discuss things you can do to continue to minimize the risk of ants coming back.

Our guarantee

We stand behind our pest and ant control and management programs, as well as the expertise of all of our technicians. Our services are all backed with a 30-day guarantee when it comes to the interior of your residence or commercial property and if you see ants during that period, our technicians will return at no additional cost to you.

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You don’t have to let the ants take over. The experts at Insight Pest Management are here to help you eliminate your ant infestation and help keep your property ant-free. Contact our team today and let us help you rid your property of ants once and for all.

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Frequently asked questions

In most cases, you can expect to see immediate results on all visible ants within the home.

Additional treatment options may be necessary to target colonies and larger infestations. Treatment options will depend on your unique situation and type of ant infestation.

While you will see a significant improvement in the number of ants almost immediately, in the case of large ant colonies, it can take several weeks to a couple of months, as well as additional treatments, to completely eradicate the colony.
Spraying may only address certain ant infestations. This is why our technicians use a variety of ant treatment options including sprays, baits, dusting powders, liquid treatments, and spot treatments based on the type of ants and other pests you may have.

After ant treatments are applied, it is important that you allow them to do their job.

Wait a few days to clean your home and avoid mopping or wiping down the perimeter of treated rooms, including the baseboards to allow the product to remain in place and do the work it is intended to do.

We offer 5-star Ventura County ant control services