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Eliminate cobwebs and spiders from every corner of your home or business

While Wilbur loved seeing Charlotte’s messages in the barn in the famous childhood story, chances are you aren’t as happy with the spider webs within your home. 

While most spiders in are harmless, some can pack a punch and it is important to identify these dangerous spiders and send them packing.

Looking for spider control in Ventura County? The team at Insight Pest Management is experienced in spider identification and eradication and we can help clear out the cobwebs and send the spiders on their way.

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Why choose us for Ventura County spider control

With over 20 years of commercial and residential pest control and management, our team of experts has a deep understanding of the common spiders found in Southern California.

Along with state-of-the-art technology, our team can identify spiders on your property, as well as the signs of spiders based on web evidence. Spider management and control focus on addressing areas of your property and ensuring that any points of entry are eliminated.

Once we complete an initial inspection, our technicians will provide a management plan tailored to your individual needs.

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What to expect

In general, most of the spiders you will find throughout Ventura County are harmless and just trying to share space with you.

Unfortunately, you may also find a few spiders that can cause bites that are medically significant, such as Windows and the Desert Recluse. If you see these spiders on your property or in your home, you want to have them removed immediately.

Our team of experts is ready and when they come out, you can expect:


We begin with a thorough property inspection that uncovers signs of spider activity, spider identification, and points of entry.


Once the inspection is complete, our technician will create an individualized treatment plan to eradicate your spider infestation with safe and effective treatments. They will advise you of these treatment solutions and explain when you can expect results.


From there, our technicians will apply the described treatment, eradicating the spiders from your home or business.


Once eradicated, our expert will discuss and recommend prevention tips and treatment options to help ensure the spiders do not return.

We address all common Ventura County spiders

In general, most of the spiders you will find throughout Ventura County are harmless and just trying to share space with you.

The truth is, in most cases, they are more afraid of you then you are of them. While some spiders may bite in defense, their bite will typically cause nothing more than mild irritation and swelling.

Possible harmless spiders you will find in Ventura County may include:



Daddy Long Leg

Unfortunately, here in Ventura County, you may also find a few spiders that can cause bites that are medically significant. These include the Black Widow, the Brown Widow, and the Desert Recluse. If you see these spiders on your property or in your home, you want to have them removed immediately.

Black Widow

Brown Widow

Desert Recluse

Black Widow Spider On A Web

Sharing space with spiders can be dangerous

Does a big hairy spider send you running? Are you tired of your window sills being filled with cobwebs? Have you seen a Black Widow or Recluse spider in your yard, or worse yet, your home?

While common house spiders are more of a nuisance, a widespread infestation can quickly take over and cover your home in cobwebs. In addition, you definitely don’t want venomous spiders anywhere near where you spend your time.

Our experts are here to help both eliminate problem spiders and help prevent their return.

Keep your family safe from spider bites

You don’t have to live with spider webs everywhere you turn, and we can help. Our team of experts will treat your home to web-spinning invaders and work with you to create a spider management plan.

This can include addressing potential spider invitations on your property, such as leaf or woodpiles and other inviting habitats within your yard.

Our guarantee

With our experts, you have the guaranteed peace of mind that those web-spinning spiders will no longer want to share space in your home. We strive to make sure the spiders are gone, and your home is protected now and in the future. We offer a 30-day guarantee that spiders will remain gone or we will return at no additional cost to you.

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You don’t have to share your home with spiders. We can help ensure your property is spider and pest-free and you no longer have to wake up to spooky spider webs surrounding your home. Call Insight Pest Management today for a free evaluation and let our expert technicians leave your home spider-free.

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Frequently asked questions

Controlling spiders in your home begins with preventing them from entering your home in the first place. This can include sealing points of entry, removing yard debris piles from your yard, and trimming plants away from the building.

Keeping the inside of your home clean and sanitary by vacuuming often and removing all food waste can also deter unwanted pests that spiders may feed on.

When dealing with a spider infestation, especially with Black Widows, calling in the experts at Insight Pest Management, allows the situation to be properly assessed. Spiders and their webs to be treated and removed, and the eaves and doorways of your residence treated to reduce further infestation.

Because spiders typically travel on their webs, spraying pesticides is likely to be ineffective unless you spray the spider directly.

Spider control and management are more about reducing the ability for spiders to get inside your home and eliminating their food sources, as well as removing the inviting habitats that your property may have for spiders.

Spiders create their home in places that provide a food source and shelter for them to survive and lay eggs. If other pests have found their way in, the spiders may simply be following an easy food source.

Spiders do not enjoy human interaction, so they are more likely to find hidden or undisturbed areas of your home first, as long as there is an active food source.

In many cases, eliminating other pests will also reduce the spider population.

Broadcast spraying for spiders is rarely effective against spiders directly but it can help to control their food sources.

AOur inspectors will evaluate your property to determine your pest risk and help establish a regular treatment plan that will keep all pests, including spiders, out of your home or business.

We offer 5-star Ventura County spider control services