What Attracts Spiders in the House?

What Attracts Spiders in the House
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While the majority of arachnids, or spiders, are harmless to humans, they aren’t exactly the houseguests that most homeowners look for. The fact is most spiders would much rather stay outdoors than move into your space. However, there are times when your home becomes more attractive to spiders than the great outdoors.

Understanding what conditions attract spiders into your space can help you make adjustments and keep your home spider-free.

Key takeaways

  • Spiders venture into your home looking for food sources and comfortable shelter. Limiting food sources and sealing up your home can help make your home less attractive to most species of spiders.
  • If you have other insect pests invading your homes, such as ants, fruit flies, or cockroaches, you are providing a spider buffet without even knowing it. Quality pest control that addresses all potential insect pests can eliminate a spider’s food source and help keep the spiders at bay.

Why do spiders come inside the house?

Like most living beings, including you and your family, spiders are simply looking for a quality food source and shelter from the elements. If your home does not offer these elements to the spider, it is likely to move on and find a more favorable place to call home. Here we look at some ways your home may be throwing out the welcome mat and inviting spiders inside.

When weather conditions changes

Despite the fact that even the smallest spider can make a person jump out of their skin, spiders are actually very fragile creatures. The slightest temperature changes can affect them and leave them searching for a more ideal climate. If the weather outside becomes too hot, too chilly, or too wet, spiders are likely to seek shelter in your home. While there isn’t much you can do to control temperature changes, there are things you can do to make entry into your home a little more difficult.

When the lights are left on

When the sun goes down, it is common for lights to go on. Unfortunately, these lights tend to attract a large selection of flying insects that make a perfect meal for spiders. Leaving lights on for extended periods of time is likely to attract more pests and, in turn, more spiders to your home.

Following a food source

As we have mentioned, spiders look for shelter near an adequate food source. For most spider species, this means other household pests and insects. If your home or business has a problem with pests, such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects, spiders are more likely to follow the insects in. Eliminating these pests can, in turn, address your spider problem.

Eliminating things that attract pests

Anything that attracts pests into your home will, in turn, attract spiders. Regular cleaning of the home and keeping trash covered and outside the home can help to keep pests at bay. In addition, uncovered food and pet food that is left out can also attract pests, so it is important to keep food covered and remove pet food bowls when they are done eating.

They have easy access

Spiders can make entry into your home through open windows and doors, but they can also make entry through even the smallest of openings, such as through tiny gaps, crevices, or cracks in your home’s foundation. In addition, they can also be carried in by you, through firewood, storage boxes, and even plants that you bring in to decorate your home.

Looking for a hiding space

Spiders are not social pests and prefer dark, isolated spaces to call home. They look for areas where they can tuck themselves away and hide from predators, but also spaces that allow them easy access to food sources. This is why you often find more spiders in areas such as closets, basements, crawl spaces, attics, and your garage.

Looking for a cool drink

While some spider species do not require water, others look for sources of fresh water to drink. Places like bathroom showers and bathtubs often attract spiders and, if you have leaking pipes, they may also attract insects and spiders.

During mating season

During mating season, spiders are looking for a mate. Most spiders have sounds they create during mating season in order to attract other spiders, so it is common to see an increase in spider visitors during this time.

How to keep spiders out of your home

In order to keep spiders out of your home or business, you need to make your home less appealing to the spider by removing potential food sources and sealing up potential points of entry. Professional pest control services can help treat your home to eliminate food source pests while also identifying potential points of entry that can be sealed with caulk in order to keep pests out.

Some DIY methods can also help keep spiders from entering your home. Spraying a mixture of peppermint essential oil and water or a mixture of vinegar, water, and black pepper in a spray bottle works as a spider repellent and keeps spiders from making entry.

You don’t have to share your space with spiders

Your home is your comfort space and not an area you want to share with spiders. When you understand what brings spiders into your home, it is much easier to eliminate them. By addressing pest infestations and sealing up potential entry points, you should see a quick decline in your spider population as they move on to find a better home.

If despite your best efforts, spiders continue to be a problem or you have a spider infestation, it may be time to call in professional pest and spider control. At Insight Pest Management, our team of experts understands spider behavior and will work with you to get rid of spiders while also preventing more from coming in. To learn more, schedule an appointment today.

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