How to Keep Wasps Away From Your Home

Israel Alvarez
Israel Alvarez

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Dealing with wasps can be a pain as shooing them away won’t solve the problem. Wasps are sly stingers whose presence in and around your home can wreak havoc. While they do not sting on purpose, it is still a bad idea to allow them to hang around your home as you never know what can provoke them to attack you and your family.

However, prevention is always the first line of defence when it comes to dealing with stinging insects or any other pests. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips that you can to wasp-proof your home before they get a chance to build a nest:

So, are you ready for our top tips to keep wasps away from your home?

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Inspect your home and yard thoroughly and look for gaps, burrows, broken panels, loose siding, tiny holes in the walls and on cable wires, and any possible entry points where wasps can enter or build their nests in. Seal every single hole you see. If you see holes in the yard, cover them immediately with soil. Also, ensure that the screen doors and window screens don’t have any holes. Don’t forget to inspect other areas in your house like the basement, shed, garage, and even the eaves, ceilings, and light fixtures.

Remove food sources

Like other creatures, wasps are also attracted to food. Therefore, any uncovered food sources or scraps of leftover food in bins invite wasps. Remove any leftover food immediately and cover your bin with tightly covered lids. Store food in air-tight containers and clean any spills or crumbs lying on the kitchen counter, dining table, or floor. Moreover, if you have pets, don’t keep any pet foods outside as they can also attract wasps.

Trash removal

The wasps love your trash! Trash bins with scraps of food and other waste are a wasp magnet. Try to clean your bins regularly and keep them covered along with any compost piles. If you have unused or untreated wood in your yard, get rid of them immediately. Check for fallen fruits near the fruit trees in your yard and remove them immediately.

Avoid water pooling

If you notice any puddle of water in your yard, treat and clean it immediately. The wasps need water to survive and get their water supply from these puddles along with other sources. Therefore, clean up any pool of water you see, fix all the plumbing issues and leaks so that wasps have no water resources. Doing this will also keep mosquitoes away from your property.

Wasp decoys

It may sound crazy but wasp decoys are very effective in keeping wasps away from your property. Wasps are territorial insects and do not invade the territory of other wasps. If they find any wasp nest around your home, they’ll look elsewhere. A fake wasp decoy can confuse them and keep them away. However, it is important to note that this method will only work in the spring season after the hibernation period of wasps.

Final words

Now that you know the tips that can keep wasps away, implement them immediately. If you still find wasps, don’t hesitate to call pest control services to tackle them efficiently and effectively. Give us a call today and we can help rid your home of wasps and other flying insects!

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