How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Kitchen

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Kitchen
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Waking up to find a cockroach strolling across your kitchen counter is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. But seeing one cockroach in your kitchen is only the beginning. Unfortunately, these pests multiply quickly and can spread diseases to you and your family. When you see one, you better believe there is much more hiding from view. But how do you get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen? How do you prevent cockroaches in kitchen cabinets? To eliminate cockroaches in your kitchen, you first need to understand why and how they enter your home. Once you do, there are many natural ways you can eliminate these pests and keep your home cockroach-free.

Key takeaways

  • Cockroaches enter homes in search of food, water, and shelter.
    Eliminate food and water sources, seal cracks and crevices to prevent entry.
  • Natural methods to eliminate cockroaches include baking soda, diatomaceous earth, boric acid, dish detergent, peppermint oil, and lemon juice.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and address areas of increased moisture to prevent cockroach infestations.
  • If natural treatments are unsuccessful, consider calling a professional pest management team for assistance.

Why and how do cockroaches enter your home?

Cockroaches, like any other pest, enter your home in search of food, water, and shelter. In an effort to make your home less attractive to cockroaches, you want to do everything you can to eliminate potential food and water sources, such as dirty dishes in the sink, food crumbs on the counters or floors, full garbage cans, pet food, and areas of excess moisture, such as dripping faucets or leaky pipes. Eliminating these potential sources will help remove the welcome mat for cockroaches.

Once you eliminate food and water sources, you need to look at how these cockroaches are entering your home. Cockroaches have the ability to squeeze through even some of the smallest entry points, such as cracks in the foundation or openings in unsealed doors and windows. You want to thoroughly inspect your doors, windows, foundation, pipes, and vents for any potential cracks and crevices and seal these entry points to keep cockroaches and other pests from entering your home.

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If you want to avoid chemicals or professional cockroach treatments, there are some natural methods you can try to eliminate cockroaches in your home. Here we look at some natural methods that can help to eliminate your cockroach infestation or deter the cockroaches from ever entering your home.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is a deadly ingredient to cockroaches. Combining baking soda with sugar and leaving it in an area frequented by cockroaches will work as a natural bait trap. When the cockroaches ingest the baking soda, it creates gases in the cockroaches’ stomachs that they are unable to release, essentially causing them to burst.

2. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide made from pulverized, fossilized algae. These small particles are sharp and dehydrating to the exoskeletons of the cockroach, causing them to essentially dehydrate. You simply sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth in areas of cockroach activity and let it do its job. This method is safe to use around children and pets.

3. Boric acid

Boric acid can be a very effective method of killing roaches in the home. However, do NOT use this method if you have pets as it can be extremely toxic to your furry family members. To use boric acid, mix equal parts of boric acid, flour, and sugar to make a dough. Place small dough balls in areas where you have seen cockroaches. The cockroaches will feed on the dough which will eventually kill the roaches.

4. Dish detergent

If you see cockroaches and want to kill them immediately, simple dish soap and water are an effective natural treatment. Spraying the cockroach with this solution will block their breathing pores and suffocate them.

5. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is a very effective pest deterrent, and it works well on cockroaches. Mixing 15 drops of peppermint essential oil with water and spraying the perimeter of your home will help keep cockroaches and other pests from entering.

6. Lemon Juice

Cockroaches do not like the smell of lemons and other citrus fruits. Leaving lemon juice or lemon peels around your house can work as a natural deterrent, keeping the cockroaches from entering your home.

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Keeping your kitchen cockroach-free

In order to keep your kitchen roach-free, there are a few steps you must follow. Ideally, you want to begin with checking for points of entry into your homes, such as cracks and crevices, and make sure these points are sealed. You want to address any areas of increased moisture, such as repairing leaky pipes or faucets. In your kitchen, you want to ensure that food particles, such as crumbs or dirty dishes, are cleaned and removed, as well as take out your garbage frequently. If you still see cockroaches, you may try one of the home treatment options we discussed in order to eliminate your cockroach problem.

When natural treatments just don’t do the job

Unfortunately, cockroaches are persistent pests and, despite all your best treatment and management efforts, may still call your kitchen home. If home treatment options are unsuccessful, calling a professional pest management team, such as Insight Pest Management, is recommended. Our team of professionals will find all potential entry points and ensure they are sealed before treating your roach infestation. Once the cockroaches are gone, we work with you to create an effective preventative solution to ensure your home remains cockroach-free. To learn more about how we can help, schedule your free evaluation today.

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