How to Get Rid of Bugs in the Bathroom

How to Get Rid of Bugs in the Bathroom
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How to Get Rid of Bugs in the Bathroom

You step into the shower only to realize eight eyes are glaring down at you. During your late-night visit to the bathroom, you see a cockroach scurrying across your bathmat and jump out of your skin. Unfortunately, these experiences can be common in many California homes because your bathroom offers a perfect environment for these pests to call home. But what are these common bathroom bugs? How can you get rid of bathroom bugs or, better yet, prevent them from entering your bathroom in the first place?

Key takeaways

  • Bugs in the bathroom are common due to the warm, humid, and damp environment, as well as the availability of food sources.
  • Common bathroom bugs include drain flies, silverfish, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, house centipedes, and spiders.
  • To get rid of bathroom bugs, clean your bathroom thoroughly, set traps with liquid soap, vinegar, and sugar, and keep your garbage can clean.
  • To prevent bugs from entering your bathroom, seal cracks and crevices, keep your bathroom clean and dry, and consider using pest control services.

Why are there bugs in the bathroom?

Unfortunately, your bathroom offers the perfect environment for many bugs, and, despite regular cleaning, a bathroom often puts down the welcome mat for these pests. This is especially when outdoor conditions are dry. Most bugs love warm, humid, and damp conditions, and your bathroom offers it all. These bugs need water to survive, and they breed best in wet conditions. In addition, your bathroom offers an abundance of organic material that serves as a buffet table for these insects.

Common bugs found in the bathroom

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find bugs in your bathroom. We mentioned above, the environment is perfect, and the food sources are plentiful. While many different bugs may call your bathroom home, others, however, enter because they are attracted to the residents in your bathroom. Here we take a closer look at some of the common pests found inside the bathroom.

Drain flies

Similar in size to a fruit fly, drain flies are small, fuzzy flies that have wings similar to a moth. They are often referred to as moth flies, sewer flies, or filter flies. You will often find these flies around drains in your bathroom, such as the sink or shower. They often enter through the outside sewer line, and they feed on organic matter found within the drains and sewer system. While they are harmless, they can be annoying, especially if a large infestation occurs.


Silverfish insects are very distinct in appearance. They are flat, elongated insects with three tails, two antennas, and a silvery-metallic appearance. They are one of the most common bathroom pests but can also be found in your kitchen or basement. They thrive in moist environments, and their presence can often be a sign of potential water damage in the home. They are, however, nocturnal, so unless you are awake during the night, you may not know they are living in your bathroom as they typically avoid human contact.


Cockroaches love damp, dark, and warm places, so the bathroom provides a perfect environment. While cockroaches are often found throughout the home looking for food, the bathroom may offer the best overall living environment. In addition to feeding on food throughout the home, cockroaches will also feed on drain sludge, and, in many cases, they will enter the home and bathroom through the drainage system.


Ants are often a regular problem in Southern California homes. However, it is not uncommon for these ants to seek relief in your bathroom during extensive heat waves. While many think of ants and raiding the picnic for food, how dry temperatures lead ants to seek the moisture they desperately need for survival. This is where the bathroom comes in. The moisture inside your bathroom offers them just what they need, so seeing a trail of ants to your sink or bathtub is not uncommon.


Mosquitoes need stagnant water to survive and lay their eggs. During droughts and dry weather in Southern California, it is not uncommon to find these pests circling the drain in your bathroom, looking for water and for a place to lay their eggs.

House centipedes

House centipedes are long-bodied insects with lots of legs and large antennae. They can enter your home through small cracks and crevices and can be found anywhere. However, if other pests are residing in your home, it is common for centipedes to follow as their diet consists of many of these small insects.


Spiders can often be found throughout your home, often in windows, corners, and doorways. However, similar to centipedes, spiders move into your bathroom when other insects become plentiful. It may not be uncommon to find spiderwebs throughout the corners of your bathroom when other insects are present.

How to get rid of bathroom bugs

While choosing residential pest control is often the best way to address bathroom pest infestations, there are some things you can do to try and get rid of these pests.

  • Clean your bathroom: While general cleaning of your bathroom is always recommended to remove germs, thorough cleaning of all surfaces, as well as your pipes and sinks is essential. Thoroughly cleaning the sink pipes with a brush, removing and cleaning the P-Trap to remove any blockage, and treating the pipes with an enzymatic cleanser to kill eggs, larvae, and bugs within the system can help make a big difference.
  • Set a trap: Making up a small bowl of liquid soap, vinegar, and sugar attracts many of these different pests and helps to eliminate them. Leave this mixture in your bathroom for at least a week with the hopes of trapping and removing most pests.
  • Keep the garbage can clean: A bathroom can often be a major source of moisture, bacteria, mold, and food sources for insects. Keep your garbage can disinfected and dry to eliminate any bugs that may find it inviting.

How to prevent bugs from entering your bathroom

After bug removal, there are some things you can do to help ensure your bathroom does not become a future residence for pests again. These tips can include:

  • Check the plumbing: Because moisture is a big attraction for pests, checking your bathroom plumbing and drainage system is essential. Have a plumber come out and check for any possible concerns that may lead to increased moisture.
  • Keep your bathroom clean: Regular cleaning and moisture removal of your bathroom go a long way in terms of pest control.
  • Address all potential entry points: Pests can only become a problem indoors when they can enter. Sealing all cracks and crevices that insects can use as a point of entry is essential. This includes the foundation, windowsills, and plumbing and drains.
  • Reduce humidity levels: Because high levels of humidity attract many of these insects, work to reduce the levels of humidity in your bathroom. Air ceiling vents or dehumidifiers can be very effective.

Sharing the bathroom with bugs doesn’t have to happen

Finding a bathroom full of bugs may be expected in an outdoor bathroom, but no one wants to find them in their home. While there are some things you can do to help rid your bathroom of these pests or prevent their entry, to begin with, a pest infestation often requires professional pest management.

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