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When we talk about ant infestations, we imagine these ants crawling around inside our home. It is frustrating to find the ants inside our home. It is equally annoying to see them outdoors. If we fail to address the problem of outdoor ants, the chance is high they will invade your home as well.

If you step outside and notice a large number of ants crawling around your backyard, take action and protect your property. Learn how to remove ants from the backyard and keep it pest-free.

Recurring Infestations:

If you are having a sigh of relief just because you do not see any ants crawling inside your home, you are avoiding something serious. Be prepared to deal with the large infestations because you failed to kill the ants outside.

Unless you get rid of the anthills around your backyard, the problem of ant infestations will never get solved. As many ants you see in your house, thousand of them are waiting outside in your backyard home looking for a chance to invade your house.

Eliminating the ant colonies from your backyards can only prevent the infestations from growing inside your home. Killing ants from your beautiful yard seems to be easy, but there are some best methods to try, which are as follows:

Try Ant Baits:

The best treatment to start eliminating ants from outdoors is to try ant baits. When you place the poisoned baits in your beautiful backyard, these ants will take the poison back to the ant colonies killing other ant species and hopefully killing the Queen Ants.

Sugary baits, protein baits, grease baits will kill a range of ants outdoors. You must place the baits evenly around your yard, spacing them between ten to twenty feet apart. You may need to refill your ant baits a few times, depending upon the number of ant species in your backyard.

Use boiling water:

Use boiling water to destroy anthills in your backyard. You may use this method if you are having more than one anthill. Also, this method is environmentally friendly.

This method is labor-intensive because it needs a large amount of boiling water to destroy every anthill.

Boil the water in a large pot. Pour the water into the anthills. You must be cautious when pouring water to avoid the risk of burning. Repeat the same process for every anthill.

Make sure you are doing this for every anthill to get effective results.

Apply Anthill treatment:

Make sure to be cautious as this method contains chemicals. Anthill treatment is available in several forms, so you need to choose the correct option for your backyard.

Try to choose pleasant weather when using this option. It is because the ants in beautiful weather will be at the top of the anthills.

Apply insecticide:

You need to mow the grass before applying insecticide. It makes it easier for your insecticide to get into the soil, killing ants. You may also use the spray option to use the application easier.

Wrapping up:

Now that you know about the ways to remove ants from your backyard, you must be vigilant about destroying anthills. Consult a pest control professional if you are dealing with multiple anthills.

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