How Pest Control Professionals Control Cockroach Pests With Integrated Pest Management

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Unfortunately, southern California is notable for its high population of cockroach pests, almost all of which frequently infest homes in Ventura County. These cockroach species include American, Australian, German, Oriental, Turkestan, brown-banded, smokybrown, and field cockroaches. Another non-native cockroach species has recently been discovered in California where it has exhibited pest activity, but this species is not yet believed to inhabit Ventura County. This newly introduced roach species, Luridiblatta trivittata, currently inhabits the San Francisco Bay area, and it may soon make its way farther south, but luckily, this species does not seem as pestilent when compared to the roach pests already inhabiting southern California. This new species is also not as resistant to insecticides as the most commonly encountered roach pests within US homes. The resistance that common cockroach pests have developed to virtually all insecticide formulations is not as problematic as it once was, as insecticides no longer serve as the primary method of controlling cockroaches or any other insect pests.

In order to control cockroaches effectively without insecticide, or with very little insecticide pest control professionals focus on a combination of methods that not only aim to eliminate active infestations, but also prevent further infestations from occurring. For example, sticky traps are useful for both monitoring indoor cockroach populations and pinpointing the location of indoor cockroach hiding spots. Another method known as “habitat modification” involves the elimination of conditions that are conducive to cockroach pests, such as high moisture caused by rainwater or pipe leaks. “Exclusion” is also essential for roach control, as it involves the sealing of cracks, crevices and other potential entry points on the exterior walls of homes. When it comes to exterminating existing cockroaches within homes, various baits have proven effective, particularly growth-regulators for the control of German cockroaches. Before any of these methods are put into practice, the species of cockroach pest infesting homes must first be identified, as treatment methods vary from species-to-species.

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