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Finding mice in your home is an extremely dreadful sight. You begin to wonder, what triggered this? And the worst part kicks in when you scratch your head and still can’t figure out how they entered your house, and now that they have entered, what’s next? How do to get rid of them or prevent them from entering your house in the first place.

Hold your thoughts! Keep the stress at bay and hang in there. This blog answers all your mice questions along with some great tips to chase those rodents away.

Let’s dive in.

1. Check all the openings around plumbing, gas lines, and electrical lines. 

These areas often lie in the blind spot when it comes to pest control. Builders and utility workers don’t shed any time on sealing these areas effectively. Due to this, mice profit, as they can easily pass through because of the large gaps.

Tip:  To secure your house, use steel wool and expandable spray foam to seal these sensitive areas where utility lines enter your home.

2. Cracks and crevices 

 As your home ages, small cracks or gaps may spurt. However, don’t let this be an open invitation to a mice infestation. Small gaps and cracks which are the size of a dime can easily fit in mice that can cause damage.

Tip: Renovating your home now and then can easily burn a hole in your pocket. You could use silicone caulk to seal any small cracks or gaps in the wall. For larger openings and holes, cement mortar or sheet metals can be utilized.

3. Doors

Might come as a shocker to you, but yes, doors are one of the most common ways for a mouse to enter your home. And if you think you diligently shut your front door, stress a little. Doors in your home, which include your back doors, garage, and cellar can invite mice. Leaving these doors open for an extended period can result in mice infestation.

Tip: To ensure that your door is well closed, use door sweeps or weather stripping to seal your doors. Lastly, don’t ignore your garage door and keep it shut.

4. Intentional openings

Every household a few openings that have been intentionally left open to aid with airflow. Namely, the weep holes, the chimneys, and the vents. However, just because these holes are problematic, that doesn’t mean you cover them up entirely. Find solutions that will aid in proper airflow without compromising the security of your house.

Tip: Create a barrier that would prevent rodents from entering your home without compromising on the airflow. You can do this by stapling a nail hardware cloth or wired mesh fabric over your chimneys, weep holes, and vents.

5. Window sills and ledges

These tiny creatures are excellent climbers, so in case your windows have any gaps, it would be quite convenient for a mouse to enter.

Tip: Ensure that your windows are tightly fitted and have no gaps, fix damaged window screens without any delay.

 6. Gaps in vinyl siding

Installing vinyl sidings could gaps that could easily squeeze in mice. This especially occurs when the ends of the siding meet the trim installed around the doors and windows.


To reduce the gap or seal the space, stuff steel or copper in the gaps and seal it with expandable spray foam.

Wrapping up

Now that we know the entry points of mice and the ways to keep them away, you can be assured of a mice-free home. If mice have made their way in and have created a messy situation. Do not panic. Seek the help of pest control professionals to get rid of them for good.

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