Earth is a planet of every creature, irrespective of its size. But, since we are on the subject of the size of creatures, how can we forget the tiny ants who top the chart for top nuisance pests in the U.S. Ants can be annoying, and some ants like fire ants can be harmful as well. 

Moreover, the chances are very high that if you are on this page, you are dealing with the problem of fire ants you came to know about the hard way. To simplify, by their painful stings.

But, do not worry, you are in the right place. This blog explores more about fire ants along with tips to eliminate them.

Let’s go!

What Are Fire Ants?

They can be found in mounds, and their colonies have a single queen or group of queens. The presence of one fire ant colony in your yard can multiply to become thousands. Fire ants are named so because of their strong sting that leaves you with a painful burning sensation along with an itchy blister. Fire ants are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to attack anyone who comes close to their mounds or nests. The sores developed by their sting can last up to a week, and some people develop allergic reactions, such as:

Some of these symptoms can be life-threatening. Therefore, fire ants sting needs immediate medical treatment.

How can we get rid of it from our garden? 

Now that we know the dangers of fire ants, listed below are tips to get rid of fire ants without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

How to Prevent Fire Ants from Coming Back?

Once you are done with ant control, it is essential to take steps to deter them from coming back and settle in your yard again. Listed below are top tips for ant prevention. 

Wrapping Up

Fire ants around your home and yard can be a harmful nuisance, especially if you’ve children and pets. Moreover, using an over-the-counter insecticide is also not safe. Even though you can prevent them from coming, but fire ant control needs professional treatment. If your yard is invaded by fire ants, call pest control professionals today.

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