How Frequently Do Cockroaches Spread Disease to Humans, and Which Cockroach Species Are Most Often Found Within Ventura County Homes?

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Are Cockroaches Dangerous?How Frequently Do Cockroaches Spread Disease To Humans, And Which Cockroach Species Are Most Often Found Within Ventura County Homes?

Cockroaches are widely considered to be the most repulsive insect pests of homes, and it has been known for the past several decades that multiple cockroach species serve as indoor allergens and contribute to the development of ashthamtic conditions. In addition to being a nuisance and a source of indoor allergens, cockroach pests carry numerous disease-causing microorganisms, including 33 strains of bacteria like E. coli and multiple Salmonella species. Cockroach pests also spread species of fungi, mold, parasitic worm species, an amoeba that causes diarrhea, and several viruses, including the poliovirus.

Unlike mosquitoes and ticks, which are biological disease vectors, cockroaches are mechanical disease vectors. In other words, cockroaches are always covered in pathogens that they acquire from their filthy living conditions, and consequently, cockroaches physically smear these pathogens onto every object and indoor surface in which they make contact, such as stored foods, counter tops, and tables. Theoretically, if a cockroach crawls on a food item that is later eaten by a person, that person may contract disease as a result.

Happily, cockroaches have never been documented as mechanically transmitting disease to a human, but this does not prove that cockroaches are incapable of doing so. After all, many disease cases are caused by pathogens of indeterminate origin. Due to the lack of conclusive evidence linking cockroaches with the mechanical transmission of disease, the World Health Organization states that the most significant public health threat posed by cockroaches is their contribution to the development of asthma.

The four primary cockroach pests found in all areas of the US are American, German, Oriental and brown-banded cockroaches. In California, and the rest of the world, German cockroaches are the most commonly encountered and commonly managed cockroach pest within homes. This is due to the fact that German cockroaches dwell primarily indoors, unlike American and Oriental cockroach pests. Although the brown-banded species is the only other cockroach pest that dwells primarily indoors, they are not common in California. A recently introduced cockroach species known as the Turkestan cockroach, has become a very common pest of homes in southern California.

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