Why are Mice Bad?

Why Are Mice Bad?

While mice may be cute and cuddly in a cage at the pet store, the last thing a homeowner or business owner wants to find is a mouse scurrying across the floor or countertop. This is because while mice in the pet store are raised in captivity with the idea of being a pet, the […]

Will Mice Return to a Disturbed Nest?

Will Mice Return to a Disturbed Nest?

As kids, we were all told to leave bird nests alone because if we touched them, the birds would not return. While this is not always a fact when it comes to birds, what about mice? If you find a mouse nest in your home, is the mouse likely to return? Unlike the stories we […]

Can a House Mouse Climb Walls?

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Mice are wild creatures who are very adaptable and know how to survive any condition. Yes! We all know that. But did you ever consider mice as acrobats? No way! Or you are curious to know if mice can climb walls, stairs, ceilings, and your home’s exterior to get inside?  If you are, then keep […]

How Do Mice Sneak In?

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Finding mice in your home is an extremely dreadful sight. You begin to wonder, what triggered this? And the worst part kicks in when you scratch your head and still can’t figure out how they entered your house, and now that they have entered, what’s next? How do to get rid of them or prevent […]

What Are the Differences Between Mice and Rats?

What Are the Differences Between Mice and Rats?

A rodent infestation is not something any homeowner wants to have, but is it better to have mice or rats? What are the differences between these two common rodents, and what do these differences mean for you? While both mice and rats pose a significant risk of damage as well as health risks, there are […]

A Guide to Mouse Control

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Mice may seem small and harmless, but these quick and resourceful creatures can wreak havoc in your home. They chew on wires, contaminate food, and potentially spread diseases. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent a mouse infestation or eliminate an existing one. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies […]

Mice Can Grow Taste Buds in Their Lungs?!

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Mice Can Grow Taste Buds in Their Lungs?! Mice and Misplaced Taste Buds: A Tale of Lungs and Influenza Hold onto your hats (or, you know, cheese)! A recent scientific discovery has revealed something strange and unexpected – mice can grow taste bud-like cells in their lungs after a bout of severe influenza. This finding, […]