How to Get Rid of Ants in California?

How to Get Rid of Ants in California

No homeowner wants to wake up to a trail of ants, whether in the kitchen, pantry, or even outside on the patio. Unfortunately, ants are one of the most common household pests found in Ventura County. These pests can create massive colonies, and even if you only see a few, chances are there are many […]

Facts About Sugar Ants: Identification and Control

Facts About Sugar Ants: Identification and Control

While a trail of ants toward a picnic may have been cute in cartoons, no one wants to find a trail of sugar ants across their countertops. The name “sugar ant,” however, does not refer to one specific ant species but is rather a general term that refers to any small, indoor ant species that […]

How to Get Rid of Odorous House Ants?

How to Get Rid of Odorous House Ants

When you see a lone ant making its way across your countertop, your first instinct is likely to squish it with your fingers. When you do this, if you smell a rotten coconut-like smell, chances are you have found a Tapinoma sessile or odorous house ant. Unfortunately, seeing one of these ants in your house […]

Carpenter Winged Ants vs Termites: What’s the Difference?

Carpenter Winged Ants vs Termites: What’s the Difference

When homeowners see a swarm of flying ant-like insects in the springtime, they often assume that termites are infesting their homes. But are these winged pets really termites? Flying carpenter ants are often confused for termites in the spring, confusing many homeowners. But what is the difference between carpenter ants with wings vs termites? While […]

6 Ways to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

Ways to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

Dealing with an army of ants in the kitchen can be a nuisance. They just always seem to find their way back into the kitchen. Now, they aren’t necessarily dangerous. But if you do not take care of them early on, they can set up their colony there and take over your food items, rendering […]

What Are Rover Ants?

What Are Rover Ants?

Rover ants prefer to swarm around humans. These ants haven’t always been a threat, but they’ve gotten increasingly common in recent years. They usually like to hang out in open spaces like gardens and lawns, but they will inevitably enter your home searching for food. The dark rover ants, which are native to South America, […]

Fire Ant Information & Keeping Them Away From Your Home

We have made it through the winter. And now, the spring and summer are here. We have started to see some changes. It is getting warmer outside, the spring flowers started blooming, and fire ant season is upon us. Along with the fall, spring is the season when these tiny sting-inducing pests are most active. […]

How to Keep Your Garden Ant-Free?

How to keep your garden ant-free?

Love them or hate them. It is an undeniable fact that ants are amazing creatures. They have developed their colonies in such an intelligent way that they didn’t span a single place in the entire globe. We can see their increased activity during the summer months. We have noticed convoys of ants going to and […]

How to Get Rid of Ants From Your Backyard?

Ant Control Oxnard

When we talk about ant infestations, we imagine these ants crawling around inside our home. It is frustrating to find the ants inside our home. It is equally annoying to see them outdoors. If we fail to address the problem of outdoor ants, the chance is high they will invade your home as well. If […]

Understanding the Diversity Within an Ant Colony

Ants are one of the few species that show wide divergences in appearance and function within a single “family” or colony. One egg can develop into a lowly worker or a highly useful queen, depending on a variety of environmental cues such as nutrition. A queen can live up to a few decades, while a […]

Do Ants Have Wings?

Have you ever wondered about a swarm of flying ants and why they have wings? Yes, some ants do have wings. Watching ants having wings appears to be a sci-fi movie that you might think is a cause of concern. The answer is simple, and it is not as scary as you may have thought. […]

Fire Ant Control and Prevention

Earth is a planet of every creature, irrespective of its size. But, since we are on the subject of the size of creatures, how can we forget the tiny ants who top the chart for top nuisance pests in the U.S. Ants can be annoying, and some ants like fire ants can be harmful as […]

Ant Infestation: Where Ants Like to Hangout

Did you Know? There are over 10,000 ant species across the globe. Yes! You read that right. Ants are considered America’s top nuisance pest throughout the planet and can be found all year through. They prefer to build nests outdoors and slip inside our homes in search of food. In some cases, they also nest […]

California Ant Control Experts

Black Carpenter Ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus)

When the flowers start to bloom and temperatures rise, ants often march indoors in search of a consistent food and water supply, making pest-proofing the home a much-needed spring task. Ants have a sweet tooth, just like many of us, which leaves our kitchens particularly vulnerable to an infestation. Not only are ants attracted to […]

Argentine Ants Are Among Most Common Ants in Southern California

Argentine Ants Are Among most common ants in Southern California

The pest control industry ranks ants as the most significant household arthropod pests in the United States where more than 40 species are categorized as structural pests, many of which can be found in Ventura County. Two decades ago, the annual cost to control ant pests in the country amounted to 1.7 billion dollars, and […]

The Thief Ant Is a Fire Ant Relative That Is Considered a Public Health Threat by the FDA, and It’s One of the Most Commonly Controlled Ant Pest Species in Ventura County

Pest & Termite Control

Ants are the most commonly encountered insects within households, and several species are well known for establishing extensive infestations throughout large buildings like hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, apartment complexes, and office buildings. Pest ants generally enter homes in order to seek out food sources and/or to secure cool and moist living conditions during bouts of […]

Many Nuisance and Potentially Dangerous Ant Species Gravitate Towards Bathrooms, Kitchens and Even Swimming Pools in Southern California

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]The fact that southern California is home to numerous ant pest species, some of which are invasive, is not news to residents of Ventura County. Residents surely recall last summer’s heat wave which brought armies of many different ant species into people’s homes. Unfortunately, there is no reason to assume that […]