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Helping to save you thousands in potential property damage to your home or business

No matter where you live in Simi Valley, your home or business is at risk for potential termite infestation and damage. Known as the “silent killers,” termites can be actively damaging your property with little to no signs of infestation. 

Looking for termite control in Simi Valley? The good news is the team at Insight Pest Management is armed with state-of-the-art technology and the expertise necessary to identify termite infestations and treat them as needed in order to help reduce your risk of costly damages.

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Why choose us for Simi Valley termite control

Our team brings over 20 years of commercial and residential pest and termite control and management experience to your door.

However, we also understand that every termite infestation is unique to the property, be it with potential damage or the type of termite causing the infestation.

Our termite extermination experts come armed with tears of experience and state-of-the-art technology that allows them to target and address termite infestations, making sure your home or business is termite-free and safe.

In addition, if you are a real estate agent or home seller, we can handle all of your Section 1 termite clearance issues, including repairs.

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What to expect

Termites are a major problem here in Simi Valley and can cause major damage to your home or business that could result in thousands of dollars in expenses.

If you believe you have a termite infestation, our team is ready to help.

When our experts arrive, you can expect:


We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, looking for signs of active termite activity, points of entry, and potential structural damage.

Documentation & repair

During the inspection, the technician will document any potential structural damage created by the termites and recommend necessary repair by our dedicated repair teams.


Our technicians will perform the treatment plan discussed, eliminating the termites from your home or business.


Once the termites are eliminated, our technicians will discuss potential prevention treatment options in order to prevent the return of termites in the future.

Termite Solutions

At Insight Pest Management, our termite control and management are catered to your unique infestation and termite risk.

After an infestation is determined, a treatment plan is created, offering a wide range of treatment and deterrent options, including the repair of termite damage.

These options can include:


Soil injection

Thermal eradication


Damage repair

Termites Damaging Wood

Termites can cause widespread property damage

Termites are your home’s silent killer, actively damaging your home’s structural integrity. These pests eat any cellulose-based material, such as the lumbar and structural beams commonly used in home construction. As they feed on this material, the structural integrity of your home is at risk! 

In Simi Valley, nearly every structure is at risk of termite infestation and damage, but our team can help you eliminate an infestation and keep termites at bay!

Fumigating A Home For Termites

We use the latest technology & termite control methods

A termite infestation is often not known until the damage is already significant. These tiny pests can cause destruction without ever being seen.

We come armed with state-of-the-art technology, such as moisture meters that measure the moisture in wood structures, telescoping cameras, and UV lights that aid in the detection of these destructive pests. 

If an infestation is found, our team will create a plan to eliminate them and help protect your home from their return. If your home is clear, they will help create a prevention plan that prevents future infestations.

Our guarantee

With our services, you have guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to termite control. We strive to make sure your home is protected today and in the future. Should termites return within 30 days, our technicians will return and remediate at no cost to you!

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Don’t let termites take over your home or business and leave you with thousands of dollars in damages. Let our team help ensure your property is termite-free and remains termite-free in the future. Call Insight Pest Management today for a free evaluation and see how we can help eliminate your termite concerns and save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Frequently asked questions

In many cases, early termite infestation shows no signs of insects or damage. As the colony grows, however, you may notice signs of termite activity that can include:
  • Discolored or textural changes in drywall.
  • Peeling paint similar to water damage.
  • A hollow sound when you knock on the wood.
  • Tiny holes in your drywall.
  • Buckling floorboards.
  • Loosening of floor tiles.
  • Squeaky floorboards.
  • Crumbling or damaged wood.
  • Mud tubes (tubes created by subterranean termites that connect the colonies in the soil to their food source – your home) around the foundation of the home.

Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate termites permanently from the environment.

However, there are preventative measures you can take that help to prevent termites from entering your home, establishing a colony, and causing damage.

Termites can, unfortunately, return after treatments. However, we offer a wide range of deterrent treatment packages to help reduce this risk.

In addition, if termites return, our technicians will return and remediate at no cost to you.

One of the most effective termite control methods is the use of soil injection. This treatment injects termiticides into the soil, killing any termites and preventing them from returning to the area.
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