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Are mice wreaking havoc on your Newbury Park property? Get help from the trusted team of experts at Insight Pest Management and keep them away for good! With our effective mice control services, you can rest assured, knowing that you no longer have to share your home or business with these pesky critters. Our team is highly trained in pest management, so you know they will get the job done right.

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Why choose us for Newbury Park mice control

With over 20 years of expertise, we understand that having pests in any property can be extremely unwelcome and disruptive, so our goal is always to provide safe and effective treatments quickly. With our help, you can find peace of mind knowing that your pest problem will be completely solved in no time.

At Insight Pest Management, we have a deep understanding of the local wildlife, including mice and their behavior. Our team takes this knowledge and utilizes trapping techniques as well as behavior modification strategies to make sure the pest problem isn’t recurring in the future. Plus, cleaning up any damage and debris left behind after controlling the infestation is part of our process.

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What to expect

Mouse infestations can be a huge inconvenience, causing not only a mess but potential health hazards. Our effective 5-step mice management process quickly eliminates any mouse problems and continues to protect your property from further issues.

We understand that mice reproduce rapidly–with a 19-21 day gestational period and litters with up to 14 babies per month–so we act fast to ensure all mice are removed, and your property is safe.

The steps include:


Our technicians conduct an in-depth examination to identify mouse areas, active entry points, and mouse identifiers.

Documentation & Repair

Our detailed inspection process begins with identifying and documenting any potential structural damage caused by mice on your property. Afterward, we will provide you with a comprehensive repair order that addresses the immediate problems at hand. Our specialists are able to perform the necessary repairs required if requested, ensuring your property is protected from further damage.


After inspecting your home or business, we will develop a custom treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Our expert technicians will explain the necessary treatment methods in order for you to achieve successful results quickly.


Once a plan is determined, our professionals will initiate trapping programs covering both indoor and outdoor areas. This often requires multiple visits over a three-week period to monitor traps, identify entrances or exits and remove any pests as needed. We know how important it is that your environment remains pest-free; therefore, we will work discreetly until the job is done in a way that won’t disrupt your daily life.


When we have completed our work, our team will then discuss prevention methods so that you can minimize the risk of further infestation in the future. We understand how disruptive these pests can be and are committed to providing swift, effective, and long-lasting solutions. With Insight Pest Management, you can rest assured knowing that your problem is being handled in the most efficient manner – guaranteeing that your home or business remains pest-free for years to come.

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Mice outbreaks can cause serious health effects

Much more than just an annoyance, mice carry and spread bacteria, all of which can cause very serious illnesses in people. Furthermore, their urine and feces stain baseboards and cupboards, as well as produce pungent odors that linger in homes for weeks after they are gone.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply clean their messes away; the only way to fully protect yourself from the risk of rodent-related diseases is to eliminate them entirely with the professional pest management services our experienced techs can provide.

However, you are not obligated to share your living space with mice. Our specialists are here to help!

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Let us help create a healthy and secure environment

We strive for an efficient, effective pest removal solution that doesn’t require much effort on your part. When our team has successfully removed mice from your home, they will use specialized equipment to remove insulation damaged by the rodents, as well as any soiled areas or materials left behind by them.

After the successful removal of the infestation and its remnants, we’ll go a step further with sanitation and deodorization services designed to ensure no lingering odor or hazards remain in the space. For additional peace of mind, all damaged insulation will be replaced with new R-30/38 rolled batten insulation so that you don’t need to worry about further issues down the road.

Our guarantee

Our team stands behind our commitment to rid your home of mice with a 30-day guarantee — if the problem persists after our technicians’ treatments, we’ll return at no additional cost. But any successful solution won’t involve just us; proper property maintenance remains key in order to eliminate the chances of future infestations. With helpful advice and solutions-oriented approaches offered by Insight Pest Management, you can trust that your mouse dilemma will be resolved quickly and accomplish long-term results.

Contact us today & get mice out of your home now!

We want nothing more than to give you back your peace of mind. Our preventive measures go beyond just treatments – they also include recommendations on how to stop mice from even entering in the first place! We do everything thoughtfully, utilizing only safe products that are trusted and certified by the EPA while respecting all health and environmental regulations without fail. Start protecting your space against invaders today by contacting us for a free estimate in Newbury Park, and let us help you live mouse-free!

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Frequently asked questions

The passing of the California Ecosystems Protection Act bans the use of second-generation anticoagulants that were traditionally used for baiting and killing rodents, such as mice.

The most effective way to control mice in the home is through trapping and sealing points of entry to stop them from coming in at all.

Mice come into your home for food and shelter. Female mice are looking to nest and have their litters.

The average female mouse can breed every month and produce as many as 14 babies each month. Doing the math, you can see your numbers can grow quickly with just a single pregnant female mouse entering your home.

Mice can sneak in through the smallest cracks and crevices around your home. The best way to stop them from coming in is to seal and close off these points of entry.

Other ways to make your home seem less attractive to mice include trimming back vegetation, removing fallen fruit from fruit trees, moving bird feeders away from the home, and keeping garbage containers sealed.

Unfortunately, mice are unlikely to leave your home on their own. Your home provides easy access to food, shelter, and nesting material.

When a single pregnant female enters your home, it won’t take long before you have many, many mice sharing your space.