Will Mice Return to a Disturbed Nest?

Will Mice Return to a Disturbed Nest?

As kids, we were all told to leave bird nests alone because if we touched them, the birds would not return. While this is not always a fact when it comes to birds, what about mice? If you find a mouse nest in your home, is the mouse likely to return? Unlike the stories we […]

Can a House Mouse Climb Walls?

Can a House Mouse Climb Walls?

If you have ever had a mouse in your house, you know that these pests have the ability to get into the smallest of places and access just about anywhere they put their mind to. But can a house mouse climb the walls? While mice are athletic creatures with amazing abilities, whether or not they […]

How to Mouse Proof Your Home

How to Mouse Proof Your Home

If you have seen one mouse in your home, chances are he is not alone, and your home is in danger. Mice are destructive creatures that can chew through wiring, increasing your risk of fire, soil your insulation and spread germs and diseases, chew through walls and furniture, and invade your food storage, leaving droppings […]

Are Roof Rats Dangerous?

Are Roof Rats Dangerous?

No one likes to find that their home or business is infested with any pest, but roof rats can be one of the worst. Thought to be of Southeast Asian origin, these rats and now worldwide and very common in coastal states like California. These pests can cause extensive structural damage to your property, but […]

What a Mouse Hole Really Looks Like?

What Do Mice Holes Look Like

When you think of a mouse hole in the house, you likely picture an evenly cut doorway where Jerry the mouse comes in and out of his home as he hides from Tom the cat. While this popular cartoon gave us the image of a door to a mouse house, the reality is a mouse […]

How Do Mice Sneak In?

Mouse Control Calabasas

Finding mice in your home is an extremely dreadful sight. You begin to wonder, what triggered this? And the worst part kicks in when you scratch your head and still can’t figure out how they entered your house, and now that they have entered, what’s next? How do to get rid of them or prevent […]

What Are the Differences Between Mice and Rats?

Rats and mice are two visually distinct species, but the differences do not end there. Understanding these differences can help you better pinpoint the dangers of an infestation, its spread, and the best control methods that you can use against it. The two most common species of these rodents in the Us are the Norway […]

How to Deal With a House Mouse Infestation

Mouse Control

House mice are considered one of the most troublesome and economically damaging pests in the United States. They live and thrive under a wide variety of conditions, in and around homes and farms. House mice can also consume pretty much any type of food, which makes them highly adaptable to almost any environment. The big reason […]

Signs That You May Have a Rodent Infestation

While the cold weather, power outages and high heating bills might seem like the worst aspects of winter, it’s important to keep in mind that this is the time of year when rodent infestations start to occur. As the weather cools, mice and rats will be drawn to the indoors where they can find shelter, […]

Rodent Prevention Tips

Rodents can contaminate food sources and serve as vectors of many diseases, such as salmonella and the potentially fatal Hantavirus. Moreover, mice and rats can cause serious structural damage by chewing through insulation, wallboards, wood and electrical wiring. It’s much easier to prevent an rodent infestation than to get rid of pests after they’ve found a […]

Keep an Eye Out for Signs of a Rodent Infestation This Fall

While many think pests like rats and mice disappear during the fall, it’s actually quite the opposite.  Rodent infestations are common throughout the year, they are particularly troublesome as colder weather arrives and food sources diminish. These stark changes to their environment make homes the ideal spot for them to hide out, especially as we […]