Are Bed Bugs Common in California?

Are Bed Bugs Common in California

In recent years, bed bug infestations have become more and more common nationwide, including in California. While these bugs do not pose significant health risks, they can be very unsettling. Understanding what bed bugs look like, how they behave, and how they move from location to location can help you reduce your risk of bringing […]

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Bed Bugs


When winter weather hits,  all you wants to do is crawl into bed and snuggle with your favorite comforter, favorite pet, significant other… but not with bed bugs! These tiny insects usually thrive in hidden areas like behind pictures, the hem of mattresses, clothing, bed frames, and beneath loose wallpaper. While bed bugs may not […]

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How Did Common Bed Bugs Come To Rely On Human Blood As Their Sole Food Source? Does There Exist Similar Parasitic Insect Pests Of Homes? And How Are Bed Bugs Controlled Today? Cimex lectularius is usually referred to as the common bed bug, and along with ants, cockroaches, and termites, bed bugs are one of […]