How To Recognize Red And Confused Flour Beetles And The Food Sources They Infest

Tribolium confusum and Tribolium castaneum are two beetle species that are known to infest stored food within grocery stores, kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves. These two species are more commonly known as “confused flour beetles,” and “red flour beetles,” respectively, and are both nearly identical in appearance. Along with “sawtoothed grain beetles,” and “indian meal […]

At Least 15 Mosquito Species Inhabit Ventura County, But Experts Believe Two Additional Disease-Spreading Species May Become Established In County

Now that mosquito season has officially arrived, so has the threat of mosquito-borne disease. Due to several outbreaks of mosquito-borne disease in certain areas of the US in recent years, it is tremendously important for people to take measures to avoid bites and reduce mosquito populations in residential areas. There exists numerous mosquito repellent products […]

Yellow-Sac Spiders Are One Of The Most Common Arachnids Managed By Pest Control Professionals Within Homes Where They Inflict Harmful Bites Without Provocation

Several years ago, false reports describing brown recluse spider encounters in southern California became widespread in the media. However, these reports have since been forcefully disproven by numerous entomologists, pest control professionals and other experts. Today, it is common knowledge among California residents that brown recluse spiders are commonly mistaken for other similar looking spider […]

Wood-Boring Beetle Infestations Often Go Unnoticed For Long Periods Of Time Despite The Extensive Damage That These Species Inflict To Structural Wood

Termites cause more than five billion dollars per year in control costs and damage repairs, which makes termites the most economically significant insect pests in the United States, and the world. Residents of southern California are well aware of the termite threat, and termite infestations in the region are by no means uncommon. However, termites […]