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Mysterious and exciting, the world of pests challenges us to understand what attracts them to our homes and yards. Test your pest knowledge and skills with these insect and bug games for kids of all ages! BUG BUILDER Just like humans, all insects have unique characteristics that set them apart from one another. Now you […]

Yellow Jacket Control Experts

The Three Most Dangerous And Commonly Managed Yellow Jacket Pests On Both Residential And Commercial Properties In Southern California The group of wasps known as yellow jackets are notorious for attacking humans in response to inadvertent nest disturbances, even seemingly minor nest disturbances. Accidentally bumping into a yellow jacket nest hidden in shrubs, or stepping […]

How To Recognize The Difference Between American And Smokybrown Cockroaches, And Where In Homes Do Smokybrown Cockroaches Commonly Hide?

Pest & Termite Control

Some cockroach species have been living in close association with humans for centuries, and today it is well known that indoor cockroach pests negatively impact human health in several ways. Worldwide, more than 3,500 cockroach species have been documented, most of which are non-pests that inhabit tropical regions. Surprisingly, only 70 cockroach species have been […]

Stay Alert For Stinging Insects This Summer

Pest & Termite Control

Believe it or not, stinging insects send more than 500,000 Americans to the emergency room every year, Pests such as hornets and yellow jackets are aggressive if disturbed and can cause painful, and sometimes life-threatening stings. There are many steps homeowners can take to avoid stinging insects from congregating on their property, but if an […]

The Most Common Scorpion Species Found In Ventura County and How to Keep Them Out of Homes

A recently discovered fossilized scorpion is now understood to be the oldest known organism that successfully transferred from a marine habitat to a terrestrial habitat. Amazingly, laboratory analysis revealed that this organism crawled onto earth 437 million years ago, but this massive ancient creature looked nothing like the small, yet intimidating scorpions that are commonly […]

How To Recognize Red And Confused Flour Beetles And The Food Sources They Infest

Tribolium confusum and Tribolium castaneum are two beetle species that are known to infest stored food within grocery stores, kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves. These two species are more commonly known as “confused flour beetles,” and “red flour beetles,” respectively, and are both nearly identical in appearance. Along with “sawtoothed grain beetles,” and “indian meal […]