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Westlake Village Pest Control

Most of Westlake Village is surrounded by open space where small and large bodies of water and mountainous terrain are enjoyed by residents and vacationers alike. Also, a variety of protected and rare plant species thrive in the open space surrounding Westlake village. Unfortunately, this means that Westlake Village is surrounded by a thriving pest population that remains active year round in this warm and sunny area of the country. The pests that are most commonly encountered within homes and/or buildings in Westlake Village include scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, flies, ants, bed bugs, crickets, and winged pests that inflict painful and potentially harmful stings, such as yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets. Our pest control professionals have been servicing both residential and commercial properties in Westlake Village for seven years, and in that short timeframe we have become the most trusted pest control service in the area. This is not surprising considering that we only hire experienced and well trained pest control professionals that are fully licensed to use professional-grade tactics to control all pests. Those who have never taken advantage of our services should contact us for a free pest control estimate.

Westlake Village Termite Control

No pest in Westlake Village comes close as being as destructive to homes and buildings as termites. The most destructive termite pest in Westlake Village is known as the western subterranean termite, and it secretly infests homes from the ground up, which can result in substantial damage to structural wood. Another common termite pest in Westlake Village, the western drywood termite, initiates infestations within above-ground structural wood during their annual mating flights, and just like their subterranean counterparts, drywood termite infestations are very difficult to detect within infested homes and buildings. Since termite infestations are hard to locate, preventing the pests from establishing infestations is the most effective method of termite control. Given the relatively high-rate of costly termite destruction that occurs in Westlake Village, having properties annually inspected for termites is necessary to prevent infestations. Our pest control professionals have years of experience and have been well trained to perform thorough inspections that cover every little space within and around homes. We service both residential and commercial properties in Westlake Village, and we use only the most up-to-date preventative and remedial termite control methods, including non-chemical treatments. If any customer should experience termite pest issues following one of our treatments, we will return to eliminate the additional termite pests at no extra cost.

Westlake Village Rodent and Bird Control

Most property owners in Westlake Village have experienced rodent and/or bird pest issues in the past, but those who choose us as their pest control service are highly unlikely to experience repeat infestations. This is because we hire only the most experienced and well trained pest control professionals to carry out pest inspections and treatments on both residential and commercial properties in Westlake Village. We have become the most popular and trusted pest control service in Westlake Village, and this is largely due to our policy of using non-chemical deterrent strategies to control rodent and bird pests. In addition to eliminating bird and rodent pests, we remove wall and attic insulation that has become damaged or soiled by rodent pests. We then install superior R-30 insulation to replace the damaged insulation. After rodent or bird pests have been eliminated, our staff thoroughly sanitizes every surface where the pests were known to be active, and this is important, as sanitation removes disease-causing microorganisms associated with rodents and birds. We are determined to keep our clients safe and healthy, so that they can live a life free of pests.

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Insight Pest Management is the best rated termite company in Ventura, County.  On the first visit we will conduct a thorough inspection of property to determine the issue.  If necessary, we bring in state-of-the-art equipment, such as moisture meters, telescoping cameras, and UV lights to help identify high risk areas such as entry points, leaks, and cracks.