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Simi Valley Pest Control

Simi Valley has been victimized by several natural disasters in recent decades including earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, but the city’s thriving pest population is one natural hazard that residents experience every year, and unfortunately, indoor pests will never go away. Although some of the most annoying and medically threatening pests commonly found on residential and commercial properties in Simi Valley are permanent components of the area’s ecosystem, our team of well trained pest control professionals specialize in keeping them out of homes and buildings. We regularly control scorpions, venomous spiders, ants, cockroaches, flies, and stinging pests, like yellow jackets and hornets. We service both residential and commercial properties in Simi Valley, and we have become the most popular and trusted pest control service in the city. Those who have not taken advantage of our superior pest control service are encouraged to contact us for a free pest control estimate.

Simi Valley Termite Control

Simi Valley is located in a geographic region that sees a tremendous amount of termite pest activity. Subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites inflict hundreds of millions of dollars in structural damages in southern California annually, which makes annual termite inspections necessary to prevent termite attacks in Simi Valley. Our team of experienced pest control professionals are trained to thoroughly inspect every space within and around homes and buildings for a termite presence and/or related damages, as well as any conditions that are conducive to termite pests. Our pest control professionals are all licensed to carry out a variety of the latest and most effective preventative and remedial termite treatments on both residential and commercial properties. Although we only use EPA approved pesticides conservatively and only when necessary, we also offer non-chemical termite control methods for environmentally conscious property owners. We stand by the termite control services we perform on properties, and if a customer should encounter termites on their property following one or more of our treatments, we will eliminate the additional termite pests at no extra cost.

Simi Valley Rodent and Bird Control

Rodents like Norway rats, house mice, roof rats, and deer mice are common pests within and around homes and buildings in Simi Valley. It is also not uncommon for pigeons to establish unsightly nests on the exterior ledges and window sills of homes in Simi Valley, and in these infestation cases, a copious amount of bird droppings are always an issue. Our pest control professionals have extensive experience with using various deterrent tactics to both prevent and eliminate rodent and bird infestations on both residential and commercial properties. Not only do we provide rodent and bird control services in Simi Valley, but we also replace insulation that has sustained damage from these pests. Our staff will remove all damaged insulation before skillfully installing superior R-30 insulation as a replacement. Since rodent and bird bests carry many disease-causing microorganisms on their body, we thoroughly sanitize all surfaces where rodent and bird pests were known to be active. This includes the removal of pathogenic rodent excrement, and stored foods that have been contaminated by rats or mice. The health of our clients is just as important to us as their freedom to live in pest free homes and buildings. Contact us today so that we can answer any questions you may have about our services, or to schedule a time for our pest control professionals to inspect your home or building for pests, pest-related damage, and conditions that are conducive to pest activity.

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Insight Pest Management is the best rated termite company in Ventura, County.  On the first visit we will conduct a thorough inspection of property to determine the issue.  If necessary, we bring in state-of-the-art equipment, such as moisture meters, telescoping cameras, and UV lights to help identify high risk areas such as entry points, leaks, and cracks.