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Oxnard Pest Control

The highly populated coastal city of Oxnard is surrounded by fertile agricultural landscapes, several small and large bodies of water, and an abundance of diverse plant life where a large number of insect and arachnid species thrive. Given Oxnard’s geographic location, it is not uncommon for pests to invade the city before taking up residence within homes and buildings. Our dedicated team of licensed and well trained pest control professionals work year round to control pests on both residential and commercial properties in the city. Given the rampant pest activity in Oxnard, our pest control professionals have no problem staying busy in the city, which is why we have become the most recognized and trusted pest control company in the area. The pests most commonly spotted within and around homes and buildings in Oxnard include scorpions, ants, flies, nesting wasps like yellow jackets, mosquitoes and spiders including the potentially dangerous western black widow species. Since Oxnard is the most populous city in Ventura County, domestic pests like bed bugs and German cockroaches are frequently and unknowingly transported into homes and buildings in the area. Given Oxnard’s low elevation, pests usually have no problem surviving winters in the city, and this is especially true of commensal pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, and certain spider species like house spiders, cobweb weavers, and even black widows. Numerous property owners in Oxnard have come to rely on our company for all their pest-elimination needs, and residents who have not yet taken advantage of our services are encouraged to contact us for a free pest control estimate.

Oxnard Termite Control

Oxnard is home to a number of timber-framed structures including modern suburban homes, one- or two-story urban office buildings, and architecturally notable houses located in historic districts. Unfortunately, many termite pest species pose a constant threat to these homes and buildings. These termite pest species include western subterranean termites, western drywood termites and more. Having a professional termite pre-treatment applied to properties along with annual termite inspections within and around homes and buildings are the two most effective methods of preventing damaging termite infestations. Our team of pest control professionals are not just well-trained and licensed to perform all types of pest treatments, but they also have years of experience controlling subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites. We apply termiticide perimeter treatments and baiting systems to properties in order to protect homes from termite attacks, but we also offer property owners non-chemical termite treatment options. In Oxnard, termite pests are a year-round concern among homeowners, but we can put those concerns to bed forever with the most up-to-date termite control methods. In fact, if termites should return to a property that our company has already treated for termite pests, we will come back to eliminate the additional wood-eating pests at no extra charge to property owners.

Oxnard Rodent and Bird Control

Wildlife pests can cause a variety of problems on both residential and commercial properties, such as digging burrows in turf-grass, destroying landscape decor and ornamental plants, inflicting damage to exterior siding and foundation walls, and invading homes. The most common wildlife pests in Oxnard are Norway rats, roof rats, deer mice, house mice, and even pigeons. Rats, mice and pigeons are not just destructive and nuisance pests within and/or around homes, but they are known for carrying disease-causing microorganisms. We here at Insight aggressively combat rodent and bird pests on both residential and commercial properties in Oxnard in order to protect the health of our clients and to spare them costly pest-related property damages. Our team of experienced and well trained pest control professionals focus on deterrence strategies to prevent rodent and bird pest infestations and to remedy existing ones. Due to the frequency with which rodent and bird pests damage wall and attic insulation, we believe that replacing damaged insulation with new insulation is an essential aspect of wildlife control. If your insulation has sustained damage from rodent or bird pests, we will remove the damaged insulation before installing new R-30 insulation with wall voids and attics. Since rodents and pigeons harbor dangerous bacteria, we thoroughly sanitize all surfaces that the pests have contaminated with their feces, urine, saliva, and filthy bodies. knowing that our clients can safely inhabit their homes allows everyone at Insight to sleep comfortably.

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