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Newbury Park Pest Control

Newbury Park is consistently ranked as one of the safest towns in the country, but the pests can be dangerous. Luckily, we provide pest control services for both residential and commercial property owners in Newbury Park, and residents are encouraged to contact us for a free pest control estimate. Our staff of dedicated pest control professionals have years of experience controlling some of the most dangerous and commonly encountered invertebrate pests within and around homes and buildings in Newbury Park including venomous scorpions, imported and native fire ants, harvester ants, Africanized honey bees (AKA killer bees), western black widows, and several disease-spreading mosquito species. Even seemingly harmless pests can pose a medical threat within homes. For example, cockroaches and indoor flies both spread a variety of disease-causing microorganisms on the indoor surfaces and human foods they make contact with. In fact, millions of American cockroaches inhabit sewer systems in virtually every US city, and they occasionally travel up pipes before emerging from indoor drains. No matter how dangerous, filthy or well hidden and indoor pest infestation may be, our team of fully licensed and well trained pest control professionals possess the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to pinpoint and eliminate even the stealthiest of pest populations from homes and buildings, including sewer-dwelling cockroaches.

Newbury Park Termite Control

Here in Newbury Park, our pest control professionals never get a break from treating homes for termite infestations. Due to the year-round warmth in Newbury Park, termite pests are active throughout the year, though termite infestation rates do decline significantly during the winter season throughout southern California. In most areas in the US, subterranean termites are the only termite pests that inflict costly damage to structural wood within homes, but here in Newbury Park, all three groups of termites are known to be destructive pests. These three termite groups are known as subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites, and the most economically costly termite pest species in Newbury Park are western subterranean termites, western drywood termites, and to a lesser extent, Pacific dampwood termites. Since termite pests remain hidden within wood, they are very difficult to detect within infested structures, and infestations can last for years and result in substantial structural damage. This is why annual termite inspections conducted by properly licensed pest control professionals within and around homes is the most important aspect of termite control. Termite control methods are generally more preventative than remedial. However, our team of pest control professionals have been well trained in the application of both preventative and remedial termite treatments on both residential and commercial properties. We also offer chemical free termite treatments to environmentally conscious homeowners, and we guarantee the efficacy of our treatments. In fact, if termites should return to a property following a termite treatment, we will eliminate the additional termite pests at no cost to homeowners.

Newbury Park Rodent and Bird Control

No matter where a person may live in the country, he/she is probably not far from a rodent pest. Here in Newbury Park Norway rats, house mice and deer mice are the three most common rodent pests of homes, and while Norway rat and deer mouse infestation rates tend to increase during the cooler months, house mice are a year-round problem in the town. Rodent pests commonly nest within wall voids, attic spaces, storage rooms and other dark and well-concealed areas where they are not likely to be discovered by homeowners. Some of the most common signs that a rodent infestation has been established within a home include the presence of droppings, food or food packages that appear to have been gnawed, holes in walls, torn wall insulation, damaged upholstery, and deep scratch marks on wooden objects, doors and walls. If homeowners find any of these common signs of a rodent presence within their home, they should contact us so that we can send a pest control professional to the property to install rodent deterrents, such as netting systems, electric shock sensors, or sensory repellents. We also use deterrent methods to prevent pigeons from establishing numerous unsightly nests on exterior ledges and within interior spaces of homes. In addition to solving rodent and pigeon problems, we also replace all damaged or soiled wall insulation with R-30 fiberglass insulation. Lastly, in order to protect the health of our customers, we thoroughly sanitized all indoor surfaces that have been contaminated by rodent pests and/or their excrement.

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