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Camarillo Pest Control

Our highly successful history of controlling pests within and around residential and commercial structures in Camarillo has made us the most trusted pest control company in the city. We have effectively managed pest infestations within all types of structures in Camarillo including historically notable buildings in Old Town and relatively new homes in Mission Oaks and other suburban areas. Our dedicated staff of experienced and well trained pest control professionals have successfully managed pests of all sorts, such as scorpions, spiders, ants, cockroaches, stinging insect pests, and many more. Camarillo’s warm coastal climate allows for an abundance of pests to thrive during the summer months, which is why homeowners in the city should not hesitate to contact us for a free pest control estimate. We are confident that our staff of pest control professionals will be able to solve any pest-related problem homeowners are likely to experience during the warmer months in Camarillo.

Camarillo Termite Control Services

Given Camarillo’s high rate of termite infestations, it is of the utmost importance that we provide superior termite control services to residential and commercial property owners in the city. Several buildings constructed in the mission revival architectural style have been standing in Camarillo for well over a century, but most homes and buildings in the city were constructed during and after the 1960s. These newer structures were built over landscapes where termite colonies were, and remain prevalent, and suburban areas in the city continue to expand into areas that are rich in multiple termite pest species. This is why homeowners in Camarillo should have their property inspected annually for termite pests and related damage. Termite pests like western subterranean termites and western drywood termites are the two most destructive native termite termite pests in the western US, and these species are only two of the several termite pests known to infest Camarillo homes. Our staff of pest control professionals have undergone extensive training in termite biology and behavior, allowing them to readily identify the species of termite responsible for damage so that a proper elimination program can be formulated and enacted. Since termite control efforts are largely centered around prevention, it is tremendously important for home and building owners in Camarillo to have an annual termite inspection carried out on their property. Inspections allow our pest control professionals to select and discuss the most economical and effective termite control treatments with property owners in Camarillo. We offer non-chemical options of preventative and remedial termite control, as well as a money back guarantee for any customers that feel dissatisfied with our services. Also, if termite pests should return to a property that has already been treated by our company, we will return to perform additional treatments at no cost.

Camarillo Rodent and Bird Control

We provide Camarillo homeowners with reliable preventative treatments designed to keep rodent and bird pests out of homes. Norway rats, roof rats, deer mice, house mice, squirrels, and many birds, particularly pigeons, are the wildlife pests that our staff of pest control professionals control most frequently. We provide control services for rodent and bird pests all year round in Camarillo, but with the exception of house mice and birds, rodent pest infestations tend to become more common during the colder months when they seek out homes for shelter and to secure accessible food sources. In addition to using netting systems, baits, and a variety of repellents to prevent rodent and bird pests from invading homes, we also repair the most common forms of property damage inflicted by these pests. Examples include insulation that has been torn up or soiled, holes that have been gnawed in walls, and materials that have been stripped for nest-building. Also, since rodent and bird pests are covered in bacteria that can cause human disease, we never finish a job until we have thoroughly sanitized all indoor sites where these pests have been active.

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Insight Pest Management is the best rated termite company in Ventura, County.  On the first visit we will conduct a thorough inspection of property to determine the issue.  If necessary, we bring in state-of-the-art equipment, such as moisture meters, telescoping cameras, and UV lights to help identify high risk areas such as entry points, leaks, and cracks.